Keith C. “奇哥”


which is of course not even his real Chinese name which is unpronounceable for Westerners except the French, has been doing standup since 2011 and has performed on stage over 133 times and counting (yes, his math OCD).

He was introduced to the comedy scene by his university counselor, Sheldan %$^%#% (I know what you are thinking, no, not that guy).
Keith was born in Hong Kong, China and first aimed to just finish an engineering degree and settle with being an engineer  but then was hit by KFC’s and UFC’s cousin, the GFC. Then he went back to university and tried to become an astrophysicist, just to realize common sense was also a job requirement for sitting in front of a computer 23.9/7 and talking to other nerds. While he was contemplating what to do with his life, his counselor told him to try standup and he has being doing it ever since. 

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